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Non-Invasive Ventilator - Versamed

IntelliMind developed a non-invasive ventilator for intensive care.


Main technology requirements

  • Non-invasive ventilation with adaptive Bi-Level Mode

  • Pressure control mode (A/C or SIMV)

  • Volume control mode (A/C or SIMV), CPAP/PSV and adaptive bi-Level (non-invasive or invasive ventilation)

  • Software package including pressure, flow and volume waveforms, trending and respiratory diagnostics

  • Internal oxygen mixer with sensor, high and low pressure oxygen running on LINUX OS

Missile System - Israel Aircraft Industries


IntelliMind designed a control box for the missiles system of the F-15 fighter jet aircraft.


Main technology requirements:

  • Very high reliability

  • Military certifications

  • Long lifetime in extreme weather condition.

Taxi Security System


IntelliMind designed a security and navigation system for taxi drivers to push an alarm button in case of emergency. A GPRS connection is established to the emergency office and H.263 video streem is transmitted.


Main technology requirements:



  • External memory: SD card optional.

  • 8 ch ADC 16bit + 8 DAC are used to control car functions (window, ignition, temp., ODO, fuel, etc)

  • 7” graphic LCD + touch panel (4 wire), QVGA, 65K colors (contrast and Brightness are SW controlled)

  • Quad Band GSM/GPRS module

Our successes

IntelliMind has had a host of success stories across a range of sectors. Our versatile skills and technical expertise combine to create advanced solutions at each stage of manufacturing from design to production. Here are just a few:

To see our impressive roster of clients and partners for whom we deliver these successes, click here.

Glucose Meter - Johnson & Johnson


On behalf of Flextronics, IntelliMind designed and supported production of a meter to enable patients with diabetes to measure their blood glucose level. The meter was sold by Johnson & Johnson for more than 4 years, and garnered sales of 4-5 million units per year.


Main technology requirements:

  • Highly accurate measurements

  • Low cost

  • Medically certified

  • Long lifetime

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